Building on the success of the 2023 podcast series on Financial Inclusion and ReFi, INATBA’s Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group launched a new podcast series in 2024. Titled “Blockchain for the UN Charters – BC100+ Ecosystem 2024,” this series features BC100+ projects, exploring their use cases, challenges, opportunities, and impact measurement methods.

You can listen to the 3rd podcast here featuring Lorna Hutchman ( as the Host and Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio (United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund) as the Guest.

In this episode, Dino and Lorna discuss his work on implementing a blockchain solution within the UNJSPF. We learn about the benefits and challenges faced when introducing a “Proof of Existence” mechanism that combines biometrics and blockchain technology, the importance of on-going stakeholder education, and how this project has inspired similar programs within the UN. 

For more information, you can access the podcast webpage or contact the Working Group directly at