Building on the success of the 2023 podcast series on Financial Inclusion and ReFi, INATBA’s Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group launched a new podcast series in 2024. Titled “Blockchain for the UN Charters – BC100+ Ecosystem 2024,” this series features BC100+ projects, exploring their use cases, challenges, opportunities, and impact measurement methods.

You can listen to the 4th podcast here featuring Lisa Gibbons ( as the Host and Mat Yarger (Demia) as the Guest. Mat talked on his career path from jobs in cybersecurity and cyber operations in the NSA and U.S. Army to his work on sustainability at the Iota Foundation, which ultimately resulted in the founding of Demia. By utilizing blockchain technology to enable safe, scalable data handling that streamlines reporting and verification procedures, the company hopes to transform the carbon markets.Mat drew attention to the shortcomings of conventional carbon market systems, which are frequently analog and prone to errors, during the debate. He also discussed how Demia’s usage of a decentralized oracle network might improve transparency and trust without the hassles associated with conventional blockchain tokens. This technology is perfect for both regulated and voluntary carbon markets since it allows for better integration across different regulatory frameworks and stakeholders. Mat also talked about the difficulties of staying focused in a rapidly changing technology environment and the significance of creating strong, safe infrastructures to assist efforts toward environmental sustainability.

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