Building on the success of the 2023 podcast series on Financial Inclusion and ReFi, INATBA’s Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group launched a new podcast series in 2024. Titled “Blockchain for the UN Charters – BC100+ Ecosystem 2024,” this series features BC100+ projects, exploring their use cases, challenges, opportunities, and impact measurement methods.

You can listen to the 5th podcast here featuring Samuel Seongeun Lee (The World in 2050) as the Host and Nenad Gilgoric (Zentrix) as the Guest. Nenad brings a wealth of experience in innovation, IoT, and distributed ledger technology. With a PhD in computer science, he has previously worked as a project lead at the IOTA Foundation, where he gained extensive hands-on experience in blockchain technology.

During this episode, Nenad shares his fascinating journey into the world of blockchain, starting from his early research endeavors to becoming a key player in the industry. He provides insight into the core mission of Zentrix, which focuses on leveraging blockchain technology to enhance traceability and transparency in various sectors, particularly the mining industry.

Nenad discusses the importance of ensuring regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability in mining operations, highlighting the challenges and successes Zentrix has encountered along the way. He also shares the company’s vision for the future, emphasizing the potential of blockchain to drive significant advancements in transparency and accountability.

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