We are happy to announce our new Steering Committee. The new SC is a significant milestone in our mission to leverage blockchain for social good and sustainability. Formed by leading organisations across various sectors, the SC is dedicated to promote the potential of blockchain technologies for the United Nations Charter Values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Meet the esteemed members of our new Steering Committee:

Africa Blockchain InstituteKayode BABARINDE MSc.
Blockchain for EuropeTommaso Astazi
Cardano FoundationAlexandre Maaza
Dunia Bora Foundation – Bienfait Ombeni
Ethereum Climate Platform – Steven Haft
The HBAR FoundationJonathan Rackoff
HBITonia Damvakeraki
INATBA – International Association for Trusted Blockchain ApplicationsBarbora Greplova
LACChain EcosystemBlanca Karina Sandoval Bueno & Ilan Melendez
Positiveblockchain.ioLucas Zaehringer – Ronald Steyer
Responsible Finance & Investment (RFI) Foundation C.I.C.Blake Goud
The-EPE – Raymond Van Ermen
ValidventMariana de la Roche Wills & Laura Kajtazi
WadapptDavid Wood

Together, we’re committed to building upon our past achievements and focusing on key activities:

1️⃣ Uniting blockchain enthusiasts through our Manifesto.
2️⃣ Highlighting innovative blockchain use cases worldwide.
3️⃣ Promote the development of transformative solutions across multiple countries.
4️⃣ Facilitating strategic discussions among stakeholders.

Join us in congratulating the new Steering Committee and learn more about our initiative to bridge Web2 and Web3 technologies for sustainable impact in https://bc100plus.org/ 🙌

Together, we’re shaping a future where blockchain drives positive change globally!

Download the Press Release