Blockchain technology is on the precipice of revolutionizing industries worldwide, and its potential to drive sustainability is an integral part of this transformation.

Earlier this week, the BC100+ initiative released its progress report, and INATBA, as a member of the Steering Committee, played a pivotal role in shaping its development.

Here are some of the key milestones and initiatives outlined in the report:

  1. BC100+ Website Launch: In June 2023, the BC100+ website ( made its public debut. This platform houses the initiative’s manifesto, a TypeForm for organizations to become official signatories, and serves as a repository for various reports. It also provides access to the patronage conferred by the President of the 77th United Nations General Assembly.
  2. Signatory Application Process: To become a signatory, organizations must complete an application form available on the BC100+ website. The Steering Committee conducts monthly review sessions to evaluate incoming applications diligently.
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation: Each Steering Committee member meticulously examines applications ahead of review sessions. These sessions involve thorough discussions among committee members, leading to a collective decision. Upon approval, the project’s logo is added to the BC100+ website.
  4. Application Review Results: By August 31st, BC100+ received 44 applications. Two Steering Committee review sessions were held, resulting in the approval of 19 projects, while 16 applications were declined due to incomplete submissions. An additional 10 applications will undergo review in the upcoming session.
  5. Berlin Event and Video: Steering Committee members EUBOF, INATBA, IOTA, and PositiveBlockchain organized a three-day event in Berlin featuring speakers from the blockchain for sustainability space. They also produced a video featuring industry leaders sharing insights on blockchain’s importance for sustainable development.
  6. Community Engagement: The Community Engagement working group, led by EUBOF and actively involving INATBA, IOTA, and PositiveBlockchain, developed an engagement strategy. This plan includes assigning a contact person for each project, categorizing signatories based on thematic focus, regular calls, a communication channel, newsletters, workshops, and contributions to reports, all aimed at fostering community involvement.
  7. Best-in-class Working Group: PositiveBlockchain leads the Best-in-class working group, which aims to identify “best-in-class projects” in the blockchain impact space. They have begun defining criteria and scorecards to recommend mature, impactful projects for stakeholders.

The BC100+ initiative is making significant strides in promoting blockchain’s role in sustainability. By engaging projects, fostering community involvement, and identifying impactful projects, BC100+ is shaping the future of blockchain for a more sustainable world. Stay tuned for further updates as BC100+ continues to make a positive impact in the blockchain ecosystem.

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