Blockchain technology is continuing progress on revolutionizing industries worldwide, and its potential to drive sustainability is an integral part of this transformation.

The BC100+ initiative is releasing a second progress report covering the period of September 2023 to May 2024 with updates on some of the key milestones and initiatives outlined in the report:

  1. BC100+ Signatory Growth: From September 2023 to May 2024, BC100+ website received 49 applications by potential signatories through our website ( During monthly reviews by the Steering Committee, 34 projects were accepted as signatories with 5 applications pending at the end of the period.
  2. Awareness-Raising & Advocacy Activities: Members of the Steering Committee have organized or participated in 12 online and in-person events including COP28 in Dubai, UAE in December 2023 where we announced an Oceans Flagship Laboratory.
  3. Community Engagement: The Community Engagement working group has been continuing its engagement strategy with the BC100+ stakeholders, including regular calls, a communication channel, newsletters, workshops, and contributions to working groups and reports, all aimed at fostering increased community involvement.
  4. Oceans, Blue Economy and Finance Flagship: Steering Committee member RFI Foundation, C.I.C. is leading the Oceans Flagship Laboratory as a catalyst for collaborative action, bringing together stakeholders using a systems leadership approach relating to Blue Finance in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkiye (MENAT) region.
  5. BC100+ Podcast: To promote visibility and promote the impact of organizations and projects that prioritize social impact and sustainability themes, INATBA’s Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group launched a podcast series “Blockchain for the UN Charters – BC100+ Ecosystem”.
  6. Best-in-class Working Group: PositiveBlockchain has continues to lead the Best-in-class working group, which is preparing a transparent criteria and scorecards to identify potential “best-in-class projects” in the blockchain impact space.

The BC100+ initiative continues to advance efforts promoting blockchain’s role in sustainability. By engaging projects, fostering community involvement, and identifying impactful projects, BC100+ is shaping the future of blockchain for a more sustainable world. Stay tuned for further updates as BC100+ continues to make a positive impact in the blockchain ecosystem.

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